Airports Database

There are over 5,000 airports around the world. Imagine the time and effort you'll have to spend looking for information about a specific airport in a specific location. The exercise can be quite cumbersome. So the question is, is there an all-in-one comprehensive database that can serve as a quick and useful tool for airport information anywhere in the world?

Yes, there is!

The wonderful thing about this airport database is you can select the format you want - whether it's MS Access, MySQL or MS SQL Server.

These databases contain functionalities and database modules which provide distances between airports including CO2 airplane emissions.

You'll have to agree that the price of $39.95 - regardless of the format you choose - is a give-away.

Airports MS Access Database Buy it for $39.95
Airports MS SQL Server Database Buy it for $39.95
Airports MySQL Server Database Buy it for $39.95
    Just to show you how easy it is to use this database:
  1. To calculate the distance between two airports, key into your program code the following:
    "select getDistance (fromAirportId,toAirportId)"
  2. To get airplane CO2 emissions, key into your program code the following one line: "select getCO2Emissions (fromAirportId,toAirportId)".